Score Goals on Android: 10 Games Like Football Manager

Score Goals on Android: 10 Games Like Football Manager

Football Manager Game in Android

To all Android gamers! If you want to be in charge of a football team but can’t get to Football Manager (FM) on your computer or device, don’t worry! We know about 10 cool Android games that are like Football Manager cousin. Let’s jump right in!

What’s Kicking in the Android World?

1. Top Eleven – Be a Soccer Manager

Top Eleven 2021 is an excellent Android football management game. You are in charge of the team, can buy and sell players, and play against other people online. The best thing? Not only about playing, but also about how well you train and what strategies you use. Make your own plans, choose the best strategy, and be in charge of both the attack and defense for your team. It’s like having your own football team!

2. Soccer Manager

This one really gets you into the world of running a football team. You can choose your team’s strategies and play in different leagues and tournaments.

3. Football Chairman Pro

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to own a football club? You can run the club’s funds, buy players, and try to reach the top level of success in Football Chairman Pro.

4. Champ Man

Champ Man brings you various famous clubs and players. Pick your dream club, manage the team, and compete in different leagues.

5. Football Manager Mobile

Football Manager Mobile is the mobile version of the popular FM game. While not as complex as the PC version, it still offers a satisfying football management experience, like you get satisfiying sensation in betslot.

6. Club Soccer Director

Club Soccer Director 2021 lets you step into the shoes of a club director. Manage the club’s finances, buy players, and take charge of club facilities.


Developed by Konami, PES CLUB MANAGER offers a realistic management experience. It includes features like player transfers, tactics, and real-time match monitoring.

8. Football Chairman

Football Chairman puts you in the owner’s seat. Manage the club’s finances, buy and sell players, and strive for success in different competitions.

9. Football Agent

Ever wanted to be a football agent? Football Agent lets you find young talent, sign professional players, and try to win lucrative contracts.

10. Football Empire – The Game

Football Empire – The Game gives you the experience of managing a club from lower levels to the top. Choose tactics, buy players, and aim for success in the football world.

Wrapping It Up!

In short, these 10 Android games let you feel like you’re in charge of a football team. They might not be as complicated as FM, but they sure are fun to play as a football manager. Choose the one that you like best, and have fun managing a football team on your Android device!