What Singaporean Moms Eat While Breastfeeding and Tips to Boost Milk Supply

Singaporean moms eat. Breastfeeding can feel like a food adventure—what you eat can shape how much and how good your milk is. Some foods called “galactagogues” can amp up milk production, while others can drag it down. But hey, every mom’s journey is different, so what works for one might not for another. Always smart to chat with your healthcare peeps before you shake up your diet. koin303

And here’s the real deal: whatever keeps your baby fed and happy is awesome—breast or bottle, no shame either way.


Let’s peek into Didi Lau’s playbook. She’s got three kiddos, and she’s been through the breastfeeding rodeo with each of them.


Habits. Didi’s hydration game was strong—she gulped down about six liters a day. Soups were her sidekick at every meal. She had a thing for salmon, beef, and oats. Oh, and lecithin, which apparently helps keep milk ducts unclogged.

But hold up, the surprise MVP in her milk game? McDonald’s brekkie! Yep, that Sausage McMuffin with egg and a hash brown? That’s her potion for producing gallons of milk. Like, an hour after munching on that, bam! 400ml of milk, while she usually squeezed out 250ml every two hours. coin303

She had this cool thing going on with fatty foods too—chow down on something high in fat, and her milk turned into this creamy, fatty goodness. Out of her usual 250ml, 100ml would be pure fat power.


Didi didn’t really pinpoint any food or drinks that tanked her milk supply. Weight-wise, she was conscious but didn’t let it mess with her milk mission. Water retention? Yup, that could swing her weight by a massive 4kg in a day. But her mantra was clear: milk for the babies first, worry about weight later.


Eating well was Didi’s ticket to milk town—both in quantity and quality. So, her advice? Chow down on good stuff! Your body needs fuel to keep up with your mini-human and to heal itself.

Here’s the thing she swears by: fed babies are happy babies, whether it’s breast or formula. Stress? Oh yeah, that’s a mega mood killer for milk supply. Been there, done that with her first kiddo. Stress less, milk more—it’s the golden rule.

In a nutshell, Didi’s journey was about finding what worked for her, embracing the milk magic from McDonald’s, and letting go of stress. And she’s all about supporting moms to find their own groove without the pressure.

Breastfeeding’s a rollercoaster, and what works can be a bit of trial and error. Bottom line? Your baby getting fed rocks, no matter the avenue.