Unveiling Tricks to Beat Arlott – Bringing Down the Shadow Boss

Unveiling Tricks to Beat Arlott – Bringing Down the Shadow Boss

Knowing What Makes Him Weak

Arlott, the big boss of darkness in Mobile Legends, hangs out in the shadows with his scary powers. But don’t worry, awesome reader, because you’ve got the power to beat Arlott. It’s kind of like picking the perfect paintbrush for a masterpiece. You need to figure out the best ways to take on Arlott. Cool moves and smart plans are your best tools. Think of it like being a dancer who’s really good at moving around and timing things just right to beat Arlott’s dark attacks.

1. Finding Weak Spots:

Arlott is a hero who fights up close, using physical and speedy moves. But guess what? He’s not so great against attacks from far away or magical hits. Use heroes who have strong long-range or magic powers, like wizards or archers. Stay far away to avoid his punches and take him down.

2. Take Control:

Arlott isn’t great at dealing with being controlled or slowed down. He likes to attack fast and dodge hits. Use heroes who can control him, like ones with locking or speed-reducing powers. This messes with his moves and makes his attacks less effective.

3. Break His Defense:

Even though Arlott is fast, he’s not the best at defending himself. Use heroes with strong attacks and the power to get through defenses, like knights or berserkers. Hit him hard and fast to make his health drop quickly.

4. Stay Far, Stay Safe:

Arlott can only hit you if you’re close. Keep your distance and use heroes who can dodge his punches. Slowly chip away at his health without letting him get too close.

In the end, using Arlott’s weaknesses like being bad against long-range and magic attacks, not handling control well, having low defense, and only being good up close can really help you beat him in the game.

Heroes Perfect for Taking on Arlott

To beat Arlott, there are some heroes that work really well. Here are some heroes that can take on Arlott:

1. Knight:

Knights have strong defenses and can deal heavy physical damage. They’re a VTBET good choice because they can take on Arlott’s attacks without a problem.

2. Wizard:

Wizards with long-range magic attacks can really hurt. They can use their magical powers from far away to take him down.

3. Archer:

Archers with long-range attacks can handle Arlott well. By keeping their distance and using ranged skills, archers can slowly bring down Arlott’s health without getting hit too hard.

4. Berserker:

Berserkers with fast and powerful attacks can beat Arlott effectively. Since Arlott is weak against strong and fast attacks, berserkers can use their quick moves to take him down.

5. Priest:

Priests are a good choice because they can heal and protect their team. Using their healing and protective powers, priests can help their team survive Arlott’s attacks and beat him slowly.

6. Assassin:

Assassins are a big threat to Arlott. They can surprise him by jumping and attacking from behind, dealing big damage before he even knows what’s happening.

Remember, each hero has things they’re good at and things they’re not so good at. When picking a hero to beat Arlott, think about Arlott’s weaknesses and choose a hero that can really take advantage of them.